Sunday, December 16, 2018

EURUSD - Looking at key levels for this Forex pair before the week starts

DISCLAIMER: The information presented here is for informational purposes only. These are not trade recommendations. Please follow your own trading plan. Trading is extremely risky and you may experience substantial losses.

Highlights from my regular review of the Forex and stock markets.  I do a review of all markets I follow each evening to help prepare for upcoming trades.

A quick look this Sunday morning...


  • Broke through recent support levels but the 1.1270 level from late November looms close
  • Upcoming news events (I like to check the Forex Factory Calendar)
  • The 1.1270 to 1.1310 zone looks interesting for setups

Possibilities include looking short if the 1310 level shows resistance.  Ideally finding a spot where the risk can be very small.  Or possibly a long in the 1270 zone if the price action looks promising there.  Let's see what happens.

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